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  Global Exports  Hairstyle books, Hairstyle magazines, posters, hairstyle videos, Decals, signs, mats, shears, hairdryers, curling irons, and salon accessories.

Great Lengths a high tech method of creating hair volume or more length using the best quality  human hair.


The Global Men's Pharmacy features Propecia, Proscar, Rogaine and Xenical at substantial savings through discount overseas pharmacies!

Hairstyles, Haircolors, Hair Growth, Hair Products,  General Products, Hair Problems, Hair Treatments.

Hair Boutique

Hair Talk, Prom Talk, Celebrity Hair Talk, Curly Hair Talk, Hair Politics, Hair Bloopers, Hair Loss, Hair personals, Men's Hair Talk, Teen Hair Talk

Tímaritiđ Hár og fegurđ

Icelandic magazine of Hair Styles and Fashion

Hairloss Forum

Inspire Quarterly

Learn all about the exciting quarterly publication by Inspire. Including current hair styles, technical advice, and more!


The Global Fashion Magazine with everything you need to know about current fashion trends.  With areas such as Cynthia Rowley fall–winter 2000 Color and fresh design for the season, as shot by Richard Spiegel, The global tribe Oscar nominee Chloë Sevigny (Boys Don't Cry) models the latest from Hennes & Mauritz, and  Ring of fire Lucire brings you an exclusive fashion shoot featuring Andrea Moore, State of Grace and Servian.  This month at Lucire, your number one online fashion magazine (Infojump, May 1998 to date) a


Everything from hair cut, hair growth, re growth, weaves, removers, facial hair, human hair wigs, hair shampoo, treatment, thinning hair, vitamins, growing hair, hair transplants, ingrown hair




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