When the words "hair replacement" are mentioned, rarely do the words "fashion" and "design" come to mind. That is a sad position of a service with the sole intent of improving appearance.

We endeavor to change the perception, and the reality, of today's hair replacements by introducing hair fashion which breaks the mold.

To that end, we ventured to Italy to find a product that is a testament to the art of design and style. That search led us to Bella Moda.

There is a fluidity of line to all good design, as evidenced by the creations of Milan's finest couture houses, Modena's fabled coach builders, and the storied leather artisans of Florence. It is that same fluidity of line, and pride of craftsmanship, that is found in Bella Moda

These are hair replacements made from the finest and lightest of materials, in designs that utilize them to their best advantage, allowing for a lightness and life ness which is truly amazing. Clearly, these are hair replacements by people who are masters of their craft. A look at the Bella Moda line will explain our enthusiasm for this outstanding product.

The hair restoration business is entering a new era that is driven by the desire of our clients to depart from the outmoded designs of yesterday.

 Clearly, if the hair replacement industry is to maintain its leadership as the best solution to premature baldness, it must reaffirm its viability by constantly improving and refining the service. The hair replacement customer desires the latest and the greatest.

Bella Moda is new, exciting, and represents a departure from all that has previously been offered. The word "natural" is too often used when describing hair restoration. However, the most accurate way to describe the Bella Moda line, and separate it from the rest, is its utterly natural appearance, from  hairline to part and onward through the crown.

Far more than being new for the sake of change, Bella Moda is an exceptional hair replacement. Maybe the best ever made. 


Our clients love how it looks, how it feels, and how it makes them feel. 

How will others react?

It's funny, most spouses or girlfriends say they don't mind that their significant other is losing his hair. But their reaction is much different when they see the results of Bella Moda. They're amazed not only at the physical change but also the emotional change that often accompanies it. They often describe their partner as more confident, outgoing and loving... and yes, even sexier. And when they run their hands through your full head of hairó watch out!    

Steps in Hair Replacement at JMS:


She will schedule a free, no obligation consultation at JMS.  

This consultation will include a scalp and hair examination and all options will be discussed.  We will determine, with you, which procedure is best suited for your lifestyle.


Once you choose to take control of your hair loss with JMS,  the next step is:

* A measurement of the balding area

* A hair sample  

Genetic Follicle Matching includes color, density, wave pattern, and texture, but goes beyond all that to inspection of cortex, cuticle formation and light refraction. Everything that is necessary to ensure your new hair will look, feel and blend just like your own.


Using advanced technology and artistry, we will expertly restore a totally natural front hairline. We use just the right amount of fine hairs of different densities that blend softly into the forehead, creating a soft, unnoticeable transition from receding or thinning hair to correctly dense frontal hair. This ensures that your hairline is natural and aesthetically perfect.


After your hair has been restored, we will then determine the lengths and style that flatters and enhances your facial features as well as lifestyle.

AND sculpt, blend and create a "look" that is totally natural and designed especially for you. Whether your preference is short and conservative, care free and easy, combed straight back, high fashioned or anything in between, the only limitation we are bound to ... is your imagination.

FURTHERMORE, If you are experiencing Male Pattern Baldness you are not alone. Approximately 30 million men in the US experience Male Pattern Baldness. By age 35 about 40% of all men show some degree of hair loss.




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