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  Will Hair Extensions damage my hair?

A:   This is an "Extension" of yourself, therefore, it's not a matter of the extension causing the damage.

Knowing the attachment method has been placed properly, responsibility transfer's to the client.

IF the client is using proper care such as:

NO tugging, NO pulling, NO picking, NO neglecting

Holding the extension hair and own hair when combing or brushing.

    Being gentle

    Using appropriate styling tools

    Being cautious with styling tools

    Avoiding styling tools that could cause damage

    Following maintenance instructions at all times

    When in doubt on what to do, calling your stylist immediately

    Having extensions removed, by your stylist, and not elsewhere

    Having them re-attached at proper time

You should have "minimal," if any, damage.

Will my individually attached hair extensions shed?

A:   Yes.  If the client continuously follows our proper home-maintenance program, shedding is practically eliminated and avoidable.

Within the first 24-48 hours, after the placement of your hair extensions, your hair extensions will "shed" a little more than usual.

After Day 3:

Your hair extensions should only "shed" like your own, natural hair sheds; OR LESS, which is normal.

You have to remember, you will be; Combing, Curling, Shampooing, Styling, Etc.  Therefore, you can't expect your hair extensions not to shed.

They resemble a "natural" shedding effect rather than an "obvious-looking

 Why do they need to be removed and re-attached?

A:  Our hair grows roughly " to 1" per month.

    The re-growth may interfere when Styling and may get caught on your hair brush or comb

    Once the hair starts to shed over the next few weeks or months, the section becomes unbalanced and/or possibly unstable

    The weight has been shifted further down your hair shaft, creating tension on your own, natural hair 

Therefore, the hair needs to be removed and then more hair re-attached.

REMEMBER, the safety of your hair is our #1 concern!






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